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internhousing.com’s Online Classified Advertising Program

Thank you for your interest in placing an online classified advertisement on internhousing.com’s "Private Owner Listings" program. Your ad will be targeted to exclusively reach visiting corporate interns and co-op employees who are seeking temporary housing in your area.

internhousing.com is a website dedicated to assist corporate interns and co-op employees with the often difficult process of obtaining affordable housing during their temporary assignments.

Here is how the "Private Owner Listings" program works:

Step 1 Create your Ad Online: You create your own free ad online, entering the text you desire to describe your available property, it’s location, the amount of rent you seek and your contact information.

Step 2 Select Your Audience: Many people advertising on this site are also employees of the corporations who are employing the interns and co-ops. These people often wish to advertise only to fellow-employees. You can set your ad parameters to be visible only to employees of your own company, or visible to employees of all companies with interns/co-ops in your Metro area – your choice.

Step 3 Select Your Tenant: You interview and select your tenant(s) based on your own application criteria. You are encouraged to use rental forms available through your local rental association, or business forms store. Be prepared to e-mail or fax necessary forms to prospects, as most interns and co-ops will be relocating from other areas of the country, or from other countries.

Your ad will automatically expire after 90 days. You may reactivate your ad by returning to the site and using your passwod to login. You can also return to the site at any time to edit or remove your advertisement.

Step 4 Remove Your Ad: Once you have selected your tenant, simply return to the site and remove your ad, or e-mail internhousing.com to have it removed for you.

Support Options: For technical support, to see samples of other ads, or to receive answers to common questions:

FAQ Link: www.internhousing.com/rfrfaq

Helpful Links to Legal Forms/Credit Services: www.internhousing.com/legallinks

Click here to create or edit your free online classified ad