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How It Works

The Problem

In many areas of the United States, short-term or temporary housing can be difficult to find. Where housing is available, it is often more than the typical intern or co-op student's budget will allow. Where can you go to find affordable temporary housing?

The Solution

Internhousing provides a simple solution:
  1. Private Owner Listings — internhousing.com provides access to an exclusive database of rooms in local employee's homes offered for rent to visiting interns. Most of these rooms are furnished and include many amenities, at a significantly reduced rate of any other housing option. If any local rooms are still available when you register, you will want to grab them fast. This section also includes other rentals such as private homes and condos.
  2. Property Manager Listings — In many areas there are several nearby apartment communities that offer short-term lease options to interns. internhousing.com allows these complexes to list their properties in the "Property Manager Listings" section of the site.
  3. Roommate Matching Database — internhousing.com provides a roommate matching service exclusively for interns. This gives you a way to match up with one or more other interns and make your stay much easier, safer, and best of all, affordable.
  4. Housing Search Tips — internhousing.com provides a comprehensive section devoted to questions about the rental process, and what an intern should ask when renting.
  5. Online Links — internhousing.com links directly to targeted search engines for rental property, furniture rentals, local transportation resources, entertainment sites and much more.

Interns - How It Works

  1. Password Protection
    The site is password protected, and only interns, co-ops, and new hires are given access. internhousing.com provides interns with a safe environment in which to conduct their housing search.
  2. Employer Sponsorship
    internhousing.com services are free to interns! Employers sponsor this service by purchasing passwords and distributing them to their interns as offers are accepted.
  3. Simple Registration Process
    Select your destination city and include some basic information about your internship and roommate preferences.
  4. Housing Search
    The system will automatically generate a listing of available private owner listings, property manager listings, and potential roommates that meet your criteria.
  5. You Make the Decisions
    You contact other interns looking for roommates and decide whether a roommate makes sense for you. You also contact property owners and apartment communities directly to book the temporary housing option that best fits your situation.

Employers - How It Works

  1. Schedule a Demonstration
    We would be pleased to take you on a tour of the site. Please fill out our brief questionnaire here, and we will reach out to you by next business day.
  2. Demonstration
    The demonstration takes approximately 30-45 minutes and will show you the resources from the intern’s perspective.
  3. Passwords
    Once your account is activated, passwords can immediately be issued to your interns, co-ops, and new hires to help them on their housing search.

For technical support or other questions contact [email protected] or call us at (877) 989-0410.